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  1. An underwater photo of wispy widgeongrass

    This seagrass is taking over the Chesapeake Bay. That’s good and bad news

    Higher water temperatures are wiping out eelgrass in the Chesapeake Bay and weedy widgeongrass is expanding. Here’s why that seagrass change matters.

  2. An over head photo of a mug of coffee sitting on a white plate all sitting on a pink background.
    Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, scientists thought coffee might treat hyperactivity

    Decades of follow-up research into whether caffeine can treat the symptoms of kids with ADHD has come up with more questions than answers.

  3. An illustration of an Anomalocaris canadensis underwater.

    This ancient, Lovecraftian apex predator chased and pierced soft prey

    Half a billion years ago, Anomalocaris canadensis probably used its bizarre headgear to reach out and snag soft prey with its spiky clutches.

  4. A close up photo of a car's tire while it drives on a black top road.

    Tear-resistant rubbery materials could pave the way for tougher tires

    Adding easy-to-break molecular connectors surprisingly makes materials harder to tear and could one day reduce microplastic pollution from car tires.

  5. Photographs of W.H. Rivers and Siegfried Sassoon

    ‘Fires in the Dark’ illuminates how great healers ease mental suffering

    Kay Redfield Jamison’s new book examines approaches used throughout history to restore troubled minds and broken spirits.

  6. A photo of a brown rat standing on its hind legs on a black background.

    Rats sense the wind with antennae-like whiskers above their eyes

    Long, thin whiskers above rats’ eyes appear to sense faint air movement, which may be helpful for detecting moving threats in dark, narrow corridors.

  7. photo of a vacuum chamber

    Electrons are extremely round, a new measurement confirms

    The near-perfect roundness deepens the mystery behind how the universe came to be filled with matter as opposed to antimatter.

  8. A photo of an outdoor space with tables with a few university students sitting at some of the tables.
    Science & Society

    California’s long-standing affirmative action ban hints at what’s to come

    Alternative race-neutral polices to affirmative action have fallen short in encouraging diversity in California schools, research shows.

  9. photo of Antarctic sea ice

    Antarctic sea ice has been hitting record lows for most of this year

    Since hitting a record low minimum back in February, the amount of Antarctic sea ice has stayed well below normal all year.

  10. A photo of Ambika Kamath and Melina Packer standing next to each other.

    These researchers are reimagining animal behavior through a feminist lens

    Ambika Kamath and Melina Packer are working to overturn biased, outdated views in biology.

  11. An image of a digital reconstruction of an Asteroxylon mackiei plant.

    A 407-million-year-old plant’s leaves skipped the usual Fibonacci spirals

    Most land plants living today have spiral patterns involving the famous Fibonacci sequence of numbers. But an extinct, ancient plant did not.

  12. A photo of a ringtail possum sitting on a tree branch looking down at the camera.

    In Australia, mosquitoes and possums may spread a flesh-eating disease

    Field surveys show that genetically identical bacteria responsible for a skin disease called Buruli ulcer appear in mosquitos, possums and people.