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  1. A photo of a teen boy's profile with the light shining just on his face.

    Boys experience depression differently than girls. Here’s why that matters

    Boys’ depression often manifests as anger or irritability, but teen mental health surveys tend to ask about hopelessness.

  2. a composite of photos of a lion, a resplendent quetzal, golden poison frog and blue shark (left to right)
    Science & Society

    Humans exploit about one-third of wild vertebrate species

    An analysis of nearly 47,000 vertebrate animal species reveals that using them for food, medicine or the pet trade is helping push some toward extinction.

  3. Pictures of a fossilized theropod, Ubirajara jubatus

    Paleontology has a ‘parachute science’ problem. Here’s how it plays out in 3 nations

    When researchers study fossils from lower-income countries, they often engage in dubious or illegal practices that can stifle science.

  4. A photo of Daphne Martschenko with a white background.

    Daphne Martschenko is a champion for ethical, inclusive genomics research

    A bioethicist focused on the genomics revolution, Daphne Martschenko fosters open discussion through “adversarial collaboration”

  5. A photo of a male Japanese macaque sitting on a rock with a blurry forest in the background.

    When and why did masturbation evolve in primates? A new study provides clues

    In a first-of-its-kind comparative study, researchers show that primates were masturbating 40 million years ago and that the behavior may help males keep their sperm fresh.

  6. A photo of Anténor Firmin in black and white overlayed on a tan background.
    Science & Society

    Anténor Firmin challenged anthropology’s racist roots 150 years ago

    In The Equality of the Human Races, Haitian scholar Anténor Firmin showed that science did not support division among the races.

  7. A close up photo of detail on a building showing the sculpture of a head with a blindfold covering the person's eyes.
    Science & Society

    Deliberate ignorance is useful in certain circumstances, researchers say

    The former East German secret police, the Stasi, spied on people for years. But when given access to the Stasi files, most people didn’t want to read them, researchers found.

  8. An image of a yellow circle with text inside of it and a green circle with math equations inside of it slightly over lap on an ivory background.

    ‘Once Upon a Prime’ finds the hidden math in literature

    In her new book, mathematician Sarah Hart explains how math shapes all sorts of literary works, from nursery rhymes to Moby-Dick.

  9. A wide shot photo of San Francisco International Airport with planes at several gates and runways visible in the distance.
    Health & Medicine

    San Francisco airport will monitor plane waste for COVID-19 variants

    The airport, working with the CDC and a biotech company, will be the first in the United States to regularly test plane sewage.