Error object

Spaceify core returns a JSON error object when it can't perform requested operation or an error occurs. The returned object has the following format:

code: string,
message: string,
path: string,
codes: [string, ...],
messages: [string, ...],
paths: [string, ...] 
Field Description
code Error code or error codes separated with comma and space.
message Message or messages separated with space.
path Error path or error paths separated with comma and space.
codes Array of error code strings.
messages Array of error message strings.
paths Array of error path strings.

Every error has its own unique code and its corresponding message. Because an error can be thrown in multiple places the path property tells the location where the error was thrown. The codes, messages and paths arrays contain the errors separately. The codes, messages and paths arrays always have equal length.


{ code: "10001, 4000",
  message: "Failed to run application spaceify/bigscreen. Creating the docker container failed.",
  path: "Manager::run, DockerContainer::createContainer",
  codes: ["10001", "4000"],
  messages: ["Failed to run application spaceify/bigscreen.", "Creating the docker container failed."],
  paths: ["Manager::run", "DockerContainer::createContainer"] }
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