void setServerDownListener(Function listener)

Every provided service is in an iplementation of a server. This listener is emitted when a server goes down. When a server goes down, automatic reconnection tries to get it up again. If the server manages to get itself up, a serverUpListener event, if its is listened, will be emitted.

Parameter Description
listener User defined callback function that is called when server goes down.

The connection listener is called with these arguments.

Argument Type Desription
connectionId DOMString Unique identifier of a server.
service_name DOMString Service name of a provided service.
isSecure Boolean The server is secure if the value true and false if not.
unique_name DOMString Unique name of the application or spacelet providing the service.

Every provided service server can have a separate listener but one listener is enough if the service_name and isSecure arguments are utilized.

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