void callRpcByConnectionId()

The operation of this method is similar to the regular Service.callRpc method. The difference is that instead of calling a service directly, this method finds the service by the passed connectionId.

This class has two overloads.

  1. callRpcByConnectionId(DOMString connectionId, DOMString method, Array params[, Object context, Function callback])
  2. callRpcByConnectionId(DOMString connectionId, DOMString Array methods, Array params[, Object context, Function callback])

Notice The service matching the connectionId can be unpredictable, if the connectionId is not from a reliable source. Furthermore, the services type (unsecure or secure) is undefined; use with caution if security is demanded. Reliable source could be, for example, connectionIds passed to (and stored in) service connection events (see Service.setConnectionListener).

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