Remote operation safe method for opening application web page to new browser tab/window.

See the Remote operation section for more information about making remote operation safe web pages.

The override changes the declaration of the method. The new declaration is

void unique_name, DOMString path[, DOMString name][, DOMString specs][, Function callback]).

Parameter Description
unique_name Unique name of an applications or a spacelet opening the window.

Using a unique name other than the actual unique name of the application or spacelet has is not forbidden.
path The path part of a URL.

The remote operation system does not allow full URLs. Only pathname, search and hash is allowed in the path.

Examples of valid paths

name The name parameter as defined in the specification. Defaults to "_blank".
specs The spec parameter as descibed in the specification. Defaults to "" (empty string).
callback User defined callback function that is called after the response is available. Defaults to 'no callback'.

After the response is available the callback function is called with one argument: callback(Window Object).

Argument Type Desription
opened Window Object The Window Object of the created window or null if creating the window failed.
Example"protector/home", security/cameras.html?camera=livingroom, "_blank") Open the cameras.html web page of 'protector/home' application to a new window."ambient/lights", "controls.html", "_blank", "", function(opened)

Open the web page and wait for the Window Object in the callback function.


The original window open is stored in window.openOriginal.

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