New release 0.5.0

Notice! This update brings major changes to Spaceify.

  • Migrated to use Node.js 5.10.1
  • 'HTTP code is 404 …' error while installing packages is now fixed.
  • The service_type field in requires_services object in spaceify.manifest is now obsolete.
  • Basic security model functionality implemented.
  • status and version command added to spm: status shows running status of applications and spacelets, version shows version information of the Spaceify edge.
  • Improved connection classes.
  • JavaScript API improved.
  • Several fixes: core, application manager, web server, log file handling, DNS server, installation process.

The JavaScript API has gone through changes that break the functionality of applications made for the previous versions. The changes were made to make the API consistent to use on the edge and the web pages. See the API and examples sections for reference how to update your applications and spacelets to this version. The API is now easier to use and threshold to start making applications is lower than ever.

Update Spaceify with

apt-get update && apt-get install spaceify

The latest Virtual Edge image can be downloaded from

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