Application tiles

A tile is a 300 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall area displayed to users in Spaceify edge's default web page in URL Every application and spacelet gets a tile (IFRAME) on the web page. Below are examples of tiles.

The content of a tile is completely customizable by the developer of an application. Custom tile can be static or dynamic. Static tiles show some unchanging information and dynamic tiles reresh the content. They can use, for example, RPC calls to get data from the edge node and display it on the tile; video from a security camera, weather information, messages, etc.

If application implements its own custom tile, it is expected that a file named tile.html is found from applications or spacelets www directory.

└── www
    └── tile.html

If it does not, a default tile is created. The icon in the default tile can be provided by the application; defined in the manifests images field. If not, a default icon is used.

If application implements a web server, it is used to load the content to the custom tile. Use the WEB_SERVER option in the implements field of the manifest to declare a web server is implemented by the application or spacelet. Edge nodes web server is used, if the web server is not implemented.

Remember, in Spaceify, also the tiles must also follow the remote operation compatibility guidelines.

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