The basic functionality of spacelets is indentical to sandboxed applications. The main difference with sandboxed applications is the dual nature of spacelets. Spacelets have application component in sandbox on the edge node (edge-side) just like sandboxed applications but in addition to this they have application code (e.g. JavaScript) on web pages (client-side).

The edge-side and client-side applications are tied together with web page origins. Only the web pages listed in spacelets manifests origins fields can access the edge-side application.

One other notable difference between sandboxed applications and spacelets is that spacelets are started on demand. Sandboxed applications are always running. So anybody who wants to use a spacelet must start it.

It must be noted that Spaceify does not inject anything to the web pages. The client-side application code must originate from the remote server serving the web page. Spaceify supplies API for handling spacelets on the client-side. The minified JavaScript API file can be found from Spaceify's installation directory or from GitHub.

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