The concept

Spaceify is a client-edge-server architecture smart space technology. The edge node between client and server is a place located between local network and the Internet. The edge node controls data flow between the clients and servers and it also used as a platform to run programs outside the clients and servers.

It is common these days that mobile devices have applications or apps as they are called. For every task there seems to be an app and for each task there is a need to install an app. The process of installing of apps must be repeated for every device resulting in extra effort.

Spaceify removes the need from the clients to install the apps. This is achieved by pre-installing the apps on the edge node by the owner of the space. From the clients point of view the apps Spaceify offers are ready to use instantly.

Spaceify is controlled or used by clients with mobile devices (phones, tablets) or any other device capable of wireless connection. The apps itself are used with standard web browsers on the clients device. No other special plugins or components are required to be installed to the web browser.

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