Field Type Required
apt_repositories object array No

This field is optional and is intended for use with native applications!

The apt repositories that are required for installing this native_debian application, and its dependencies. The repositories are inserted to the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spaceifyapplication.list of the host operating system. The 'apt-get update' command is used to refresh the packagage manager of the host.

Field Type Required Description
architectures string array Yes A List of architectures the repository supports.
source string Yes The source of the repository in the Debian sources.list format.

See this article if you need to familiarize yourself with the repository uri structures:

uri distribution [component1] [component2] […]

- uri is the root of the archive, e.g.
- distribution is the subdirectory in the archive root dists folder, e.g. stable/dotmatrix
- components (areas) are the directories beneath the distribution subdirectory, e.g. main
public_key string Yes Repository public GnuPG key.

- If the field value is empty the repository does not have a gpg key.
- If the field value begins with "file:" the gpg key is in the application/ directory.
- If the field value begins with "url:" the gpg key is downloadable from the supplied url.
description string Yes A description of the content of the repository.


 "architectures": ["amd", "all", "i386"],
 "source": " stable/dotmatrix main",
 "public_key": "url:",
 "description": "This repository contains the drivers for the Dot-matrix display."
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