Field Type Required
origins string array Yes

This field is for spacelets only!

A list of hostnames a spacelet can be started from and/or can be connected to from. Starting spacelets or connections to them are controlled by Spaceify's Same Origin Policy (SOP). The policy uses the hostnames listed here to decide can a web page start a spacelet or can a web page, spacelet or application connect to a spacelet. Read more about the Same Origin Policy from section Security Model.

Use * as a wildcard in the hostnames (notice that *. is not equivalent to *).

Example Description
[ "*" ] SOP accepts all hostnames.
[ "" ] SOP accepts only hostname
[ "*" ] SOP accepts all hostnames ending with
[ "*example.*" ] SOP accepts all hostnames starting with any character and example. and ending with any top-level domain.
[ "*.*" ] SOP accepts all hostnames from any lower level domains of
[ "", "" ] SOP accepts hostnames and
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