Field Type Required
provides_services object array No

The services an application provides to other applications. More about services can be found in subsections Services and service discovery and Security model.

Field Type Required Description
service_name string Yes Name of the service the application provides. Name has two parts <registry><name>. The registry part must always be Allowed characters for the name part are 0-9a-zA-Z/_ and length is 3 - 106 characters. Name can not be empty, http or https or end with /.
service_type string Yes Type of the service: standard, open, open_local or alien. See details below.
Service type Explanation
standard Strict access control is applied. Only those applications may access this service that state that they need to use this service in the "requires_services" field of their manifest files.
open_local All ip addresses from the 172.17.x.x range (applications and spacelets) can access the service freely. WiFi clients from the 10.0.x.x network cannot access this service.
open No access control is applied. All ip addresses, both from the 172.17.x.x range and the WiFi clients from the 10.0.x.x network can access the service freely.
alien The preferred method of communicating in Spaceify is to use WebSocket connections and JSON-RPC protocol. Alien service type can use its own connection method and protocal. Otherwise the security model is the same as standard has.
[ { "service_name": "", "service_type": "open_local" } ]
[ { "service_name": "", "service_type": "open_local" }, { "service_name": ""service_type": "open_local" } ]
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