Field Type Required
requires_services object array No

The services an application requires from other applications. More about services can be found in subsections Services and service discovery and Security model.

Field Type Required Description
service_name String Yes Name of the service the application provides. Name has two parts <registry><name>. The registry part must always be Allowed characters for the name part are 0-9a-zA-Z/_ and length is 3 - 106 characters. Name can not be empty, http or https or end with /.
suggested_application String Yes Unique name of an application that provides this service. When installing packages Spaceify core checks does the system already have the required service. If it does not, it tries to install the suggested application package from the Spaceify registry. This field has the same format as the unique_name and version fields combined. The version information is optional.
[ { "service_name": "", "suggested_application": "spaceify/pictureviewer" } ]
[ { "service_name": "", "suggested_application": "spaceify/pictureviewer@1.0.0" } ]
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