Field Type Required
start_command string No

Applications are started in Docker containers with this command. Start command can not be empty but other than that Spaceify core doesn't expect the command to be anything specific. It's the application developers responsibility to make sure that the command is valid and can be run by the operating system in the Docker container.


  • Even though this field is not required it is vital to use it if the application has no other means to start itself. For example custom Docker images might have services for starting the application but Spaceify's default Docker image does not.
  • The current working directory where the command is executed is the main application/ directory.
  • This field has effect only with sandboxed applications and spacelets. The other application types are expected to use services to start themselves.
Example Description
node bigscreen.js Starts a Node.js program without paremeters.
node main/bigscreen.js -v Starts a Node.js program with paremeters.
./program Starts for example a C or C++ program
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