Using Spaceify

The information on this web page is partially outdated. We will update it with the latest information as soon as possible.

After completing the Running Spaceify in VirtualBox -tutorial you should now have the Spaceify main menu open in your browser window:

Open this same page also in another browser window, and click on the "Big Screen Viewer" tile. Now you should have two windows open, one with the main menu and one black page displaying the message "Connected to bigscreen command backend". This black page is what we call BigScreen viewer, and it is designed to be opened in full screen mode on video projectors and big screen TVs. Other Spaceify applications and spacelets can now use this BigScreen viewer web page to display graphics on the big screens.

Trying out an Application

Spaceify applications are software components that are permanently installed on the edge node, and they usually also have their own user interface. Here are the instructions on how to try the "PDF Viewer" Spaceify application.

Click on the "PDF Viewer" tile in the browser window that showins the Spaceify menu. Now choose a PDF to display, and it should open in the previously black "BigScreen Viewer window".

Nothing spectacular here? Well, imagine you are in a meeting room, and connected to the Spaceify edge node through real WiFi. Your presentation would now be displayed on the big screen without the need of connecting any cables or installing any software on your device.

Trying out a Spacelet

Go back to the Spaceify main menu and click on the "Vimeo" tile or directly type the url in your browser window. Both ways lead to the same result, and you shall arrive on the original Vimeo web site. Now find some video that you like and go to the page of that video. You should now see the text "Play on Big Screen" along with extra playback controls below the video element. Click on the play button below the "Play on Big Screen" text and the video should start playing back in the Bigscreen Viewer window.

What could this be used for? If you connect real WiFi devices to your Spaceify edge node, here you have ChromeCast -like functionality for

Now you can move on to reading how to connect real wifi devices to the Spaceify virtual machine or writing your first Spaceify application.

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